Month: October 2014

*A Wise man*Un Hombre sabio* By Tyller Ward


*Fools do not change*Los necios no cambian*

Fools do not change. They are always wandering from here to there, leaving destruction behind them.

Los necios no cambian. Siempre andan rodando de aquí para allá, dejando destrucción tras ellos.

Del: 19 Oct ’14.

*A Season…*Un Tiempo*

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Todo tiene su tiempo, y todo lo que se quiere debajo del cielo tiene su hora. Eclesiastés 3:1

De: Oct 19 ’14.

*The way to success*El camino al éxito*

*The way to success for men*

1-. Put other things before God.

2-. Set your eyes & works on people rather than on God.

3-. Never ask for help from heaven, you can do everything by yourself.

4-. Never listen or obey the advice of your wife.

5-. Do everything else out of your home  first, and then the things in your household.

6-. Choose “friends” before of your own wife & family.

7-. Run away from the problems & wait; until they disappear by themselves.

8-. Never change your personality & habits.

9-. Seek for “new or old friends” when you find yourself facing problems in your household with your wife, that will help you to escape & make you feel good for the moment…for sure that’s worth it & will help to solve problems in your home.

10-. Do not fight to be honest or trustworthy, cheat & lie as much as you can.

11-. Decieve & hide all your truth.

12-. Look to distract yourself & work with any other thing instead of working in building a good & fruitful life for you & those who are under your care.

13-. Think in yourself first & then in the sake of others.

14-. Never sacrifice your life for others.

15-. Teach your techniques & tricks to your children.

16-. Get rid of your wife if she interfires with your life & desires.

17-. Talk to your friends, family & any one who come to your way about how ugly & bad your wife is without letting her tell her part of the story.

18-. Recieve the glory that other people give you when you tell the things without being honest to recognize who your wife really is, or how she has tried to help you to be a better man.

19-. Insist as much as you can that you are the one who always is right & truthful.

20-. Be an hipocrite before the people, but come to explote in fury with your wife.

21-. After all, the home is to be the real you. Right?

22-. Do not force yourself to see the reality, keep yourself in your beautiful & peaceful world of fantasy.

23-. Never ask for forgiveness when you hurt the closest persons in your life.

Nobody else should know who you really are, do they?

Your wife & family have to accept you & love you the way you are & be so proud & happy of having someone with your value in their lives.

*You just need to wait for the day they can see it*


With my best wishes for your success,

*Erika Hernández*